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We just love sushi!

A visit to Geisha Lounge guarantees 'taste' 'experience' & 'excitement'. Traditional Japanese cooking mixed with a tit of witness. The hot dishes use an a la carte preparation and the sushi is prepared with the freshest and most natural ingredients. Except for the basic ingredients, almost all sauces are prepared with our own recipe. This makes an exclusive taste that can only be enjoyed at Geisha Lounge. In addition, we offer an extensive cocktail card from real classic cocktails to exotic original creations.

The sushi rights at Geisha Lounge are frequently described as revolutionary and surprising. Therefore, variation, versatility and delicious taste are the starting points for these specialities. With tasting sensations such as the 'rib-eye crabmeat roll' or the surprising 'mango tempura shrimp roll', your dinner will be an unforgettable experience. While taking a 'sushi & grill all you can eat' concept for dinner and lunch, the individual dishes do receive an a la carte approach which is served at a rapid pace.

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In 2010, father and son Dai opened their doors in the former Osaka. Given the range and success, it was plenty of time in 2015 to also offer dishes and services in Breda. However, they realized that this is about a different audience. Also with regard to the location of the site. This is how “Geisha Lounge” was brought to life.

Geisha Lounge distinguishes itself from other all you can eat sushi restaurants by having a wide range of drinks in addition to a wide range of dishes. The focus is mainly on Cocktails, Gin Tonics, and drinks on our own recipe. In addition, Geisha Lounge offers a wide range of speciality beers and wines.

Much attention is paid to the search for new inspiration and ideas for both the drink and menu. Daring is shown by experimenting with new ideas. So, it proves that it was plenty of time to bring the proven concept back home in 2019 in the familiar town of Tilburg. That is why Enjoii Restaurant has been converted into a Geisha Lounge. To share the wise experience with the Tilburg public.

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