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We just love sushi!

Embark on a culinary journey at Geisha Lounge's Kitchen, where each visit promises a symphony of 'taste,' 'experience,' and 'excitement.' Our traditional Japanese cooking, enhanced with a touch of uniqueness, offers a delightful blend of flavors. The hot dishes feature an a la carte preparation, while our sushi is meticulously crafted with the freshest, most natural ingredients. Nearly all our sauces, beyond basic ingredients, are homemade, creating an exclusive taste found only at Geisha Lounge.

At Geisha Lounge, we redefine sushi with revolutionary and surprising creations, setting the stage for a dining experience that's both versatile and delicious. From our TikTok viral sushi 'double dragon roll' to the unexpected 'dancing rapunzel roll,' each bite is a tasting sensation. While our 'sushi & grill all you can eat' concept for lunch and dinner provides a delightful array of choices, individual dishes receive a rapid a la carte approach. Elevate your dining experience with an extensive cocktail card, featuring classic cocktails and exotic original creations. Geisha Lounge invites you to savor the extraordinary—where innovation, variety, and exquisite taste converge.

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Where it all Began!

In 2009, Geisha Lounge, founded by father and son Dai, became a culinary staple in the former Osaka Restaurant in Tilburg. Its success in Tilburg prompted a 2015 expansion to the vibrant city of Breda, embodying core values of Honesty, Love, and Transparency. Beyond a restaurant, Geisha Lounge is a testament to these values, evident in our dishes and the vibrant stories shared by our community.

Distinguished from traditional sushi venues, Geisha Lounge offers an extensive drink selection, focusing on Cocktails, homemade beverages, and exclusive recipes. Specialty beers and wines complement our diverse menu, creating a holistic dining experience. Our commitment to excellence drives ongoing innovation as we experiment with fresh ideas to keep our offerings dynamic.

At Geisha Lounge, community isn't just a concept; it's our essence. Each guest is an integral part of our story, contributing to the tapestry of shared experiences. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of our crew and your stories are proudly showcased, fostering connections and friendships. Join us in this collaborative journey, where the Geisha Lounge community is at the heart of exceptional dining.

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